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The Reason Why Olga Oleynik Disappeared

Olga Oleynik
21 August 2014
Dearests, tomorrow I will move to China, to live and work there. I have to move there because my life is in danger, because of one person’s obsession. He threatened me and everyone who knows me. So I’m moving there and soon I’ll have to delete all my accounts on the internet. I don’t want to do it, but I just have to, for my safety, so no one could find me.

- Too bad this person is possessed by demons and there is no way to stop him. I had so many plans for my life, but now I have to give all of them up.

- Of course I want him to leave me alone, but he is adamant. So I have to take extreme measures.

Olga’s supposed stalker and ex, who goes by many names on social networks and suspected in being a romance scammer (I found his pictures on many anti-scam sites), is registered on VK as Luis Garcés Böhmer.






Anonymous asked:

does she always go through these new "era" things? Like first she was an alien, then a doll, then the medusa crap, now body building?

I guess so. You forgot to mention “evil satanic chick”, “rich and glamorous” and “mysterious new age diva” eras, lol.

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