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crocodilepatronus asked:

i tagged it as creepypasta because i thought people who like creepypasta would like it but IT REALLY DID HAPPEN TO ME!! I hope Valeria Lukyanova is haunting me I'd feel honoured


One, two, Val is coming for you, 
Three, four, better lock your door, 
Five, six, grab your crucifix, 
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late, 
Nine, ten, never sleep again… 

just had freaky experience


ok so… absolute true story and kind of weirded out by this??

like a week or so ago I saved a picture to my desktop of “the human barbie” Valeria Lukyanova to use for a post about how I imagine A from Pretty Little Liars. 

After I made the post I quickly deleted it from my desktop and emptied the trash bin. I remember this vividly because I remember thinking how it was creepy that the icon of the picture felt like it was staring at me a little bit so I didn’t want it on my computer. 

Just now, I left my computer for a little while- 10 to 15 minutes- with the screen open on a table. 

When I came back to the computer, all of the icons on my desktop were twice as large and the picture I’d had of Valeria Lukyanova was in the middle of the desktop and OPEN 



Omg, hahaha, I LOVE creepypastas! And this one is just brilliant!


Anonymous asked:

So I read Velaria's posts you translated about China. Maybe I'm missing something but in her posts, did she refer to the Chinese people as slow, lazy and idiotic with low mentality? I must have missed a point somewhere because she couldn't possibly be calling an entire race of people stupid, right? There goes her Asian following. Lol

…their irresponsibility, laziness, sluggishness and carelessness.

this is exactly what i told you about yesterday, about their slowness etc)))…

I think these lines are pretty clear.

As for the word “idiocy”, she meant all this modeling job, as I understood.

Valeria’s Trip To China (requested)

April 2014

I was invited to work in China, for a week. Oh, oh. Working doesn’t sound like a queen’s thing. But they agree with all the conditions. I wonder if I will be sorry, just as always, for going into another adventure, or not? But I guess I would still like to visit China. Asia attracts me so much, I really love it…. So I guess I’ll mix business with pleasure.

What will you need to do?)

Valeria Lukyanova
attend one show… attract people’s attention, just as always))) haha … kinda a model
sit in a car… they allowed me to read and sit on the internet) so I guess it’s a good job for me)))

ahaha)) Now that’s what I call a job))

Valeria Lukyanova
i actually hate any kind of working… but if it is paid well, i can at least think about it)) haaha


I really don’t want to go!!! If there is not a contract for working in China, I would stay here( [Mexico]
But, alas, I have already signed it, I need to go home, get hair extensions and go to China( Sigh, i am such a fool, i was tempted by money and China, while Mexico is so much BETTER!!!!…..
But China will at least comfort me a little, after all i love it too((((….

Going to China with my friend, very talented musician and composer.

My, i feel so angry) chinese have completely different mentality( I was so furious at their irresponsibility, laziness, sluggishness and carelessness ( I had to find a police and search for a driver’s car who parked it like 10 streets away from the show and we have to walk 5 km under burning sun to find him! Oh ….. my god!

I’m such a hard worker)) hilarious) today i felt very weird because i went to China all alone, craving for big money, even though I have enough)))) But the point is, i’ve just recently started to save money and i’ve got carried away with it) so i decided to replenish my money) hilarious, i make myself laugh so hard) i got on my knees because of my new caprice) But it’s still an interesting experience! To feel myself as an ordinary human who works to get money is pretty interesting) but just for one time) but not any more)

Today i got so tired of posing next to cameras( I hate it) And they told me that I shouldn’t change my pose too quickly) hilarious) in my country it is very appreciated) and they can’t keep up with me) this is exactly what i told you about yesterday, about their slowness etc)))…

I started to get used to this idiocy)
Though I have a creative crisis with poses.
Who could knew that I’ll fall so LOW from living so HIGH, first - the female human body, and now… i’d better say nothing(
BUT my experience from my previous realization (see my previous post), says that my ego is finally destroyed.
And that’s great… I hope it is just the beginning.

I started to get used to Chinese) This is so funny to watch how they react to my appearence) This is so hilarious!) I even got used to the fact that they take pictures of me all the time)))) and they like even the worst of these shots) i can’t believe it)
My self-confidence is already extremely high, but at this rate I will soon think that I am the first beauty in the village)))))))


I really hoped that my trip to China will provide me with relief from my depression from leaving my beautiful Mexico, but I was wrong. No matter what I do, day by day my longing for my motherland- Mexico - grows bigger( Today i felt really sad( I want to go back to Mexico(…

Sorry, I know it took really long to post this translation, but I have my own life and it is my first priority.

The Fearsome Leader of Mars is Also Valeria’s Beauty Consultant

18 July 2014

Today was Medusa's day and she decided to not put her makeup on [???] and advised me to watch how confident she is. Feel her inner harmony and confidence- with no makeup on. 
I always trusted her so I didn’t resist and didn’t even insist on lining my lips)))) And she was so right… I felt amazing… 
Medusa assured me that there are not a lot of girls with beauty given by nature, which makes them look like angels with no makeup on, that wearing makeup doesn’t suprise anybody, and I should wear no makeup more often… And you know, she was absolutely right. I should appreciate what I have, not hide it!


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